Consulting Based on Fact and Experience

The goal of IDF is to get clients the best data in the world, presented in a timely, complete and accurate manner. Based on that foundation of solid data, the firm analyzes the client’s situation, answers their questions, and recommends courses of action to produce positive bottom-line outcomes.

IDF's team has had extensive experience providing expert advice across a wide range of management concerns and opportunities, including—

  • Business plans
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market analysis
  • New products
  • New service offerings
  • Data quality improvements
  • Start-up operations
  • Strategic planning

Representative consulting scenario

The firm is particularly adept at advising client companies that already have an established business in one market—for example, in the United States—and want to consider the feasibility and potential of opening operations in Mexico or Latin American. IDF ferrets out in-depth data on the new market to determine if the proposed expansion makes sense for the company. When the data verifies the likely profitability, the firm helps the client formulate entry strategies and build a business plan.

Transforming data dreams into real world success

Find out how the experience and expertise of IDF—your partner in data gathering and consultancy—can transform your ambitions for your company into solid, fact-based strategy and enhanced business growth. Contact us online or call 248-608-6869.